Close the Deal! Selling A Micro Market In 2018

Aug. 8, 2018

What is the first question to ask any qualified micro-market prospect? Should it be about the beverages, the food, or the pricing? “None of the these,” said Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, a leading supplier of micro- market retail displays, seating and design features.

According to Orlando, the first question to a decision maker is simple:

“What is your vision for the break room and the micro-market?”

“Allow the client to set the table for you – to tell you exactly what is important to them and confirm that design and function is a top priority in the workplace of today,” said Orlando. “More often than not, you will be able to help the prospect define their vision with a clear follow up question: “Do you agree then, as most of our clients do today, that the breakroom needs to be something beyond a place to go to a snack or lunch – that it needs to be a comfortable extension of the workplace that allows for collaboration and creativity?”

Once the vision is established, the operator has an opportunity to take control of the situation and focus on creating the environment that will wow the prospect” said Orlando.

Today’s most favored design elements include:

  • Dramatic LED lighting, using proven retail strategies.
  • Displays that showcase the products.
  • Comfortable seating and environments that promote interaction.
  • Our automatic facing system, for coolers, freezers and retail displays – giving the impression of an attended market in an unattended environment.

“This is how Micro-Markets are being sold today, said Orlando. “While your competition is focusing on the price of their products, you will have the knowledge that food and beverage is the last issue to address, once the deal is already closed. Facility Managers and especially HR Managers are truly driven to give their employees a refreshment area that is not only attractive, but also a place to relax, collaborate and refuel. Show them the experience that their employees will enjoy, and the account will be yours for the taking.”