Installation Pitfalls: To Avoid Pitfalls Establish Trust

Aug. 8, 2018

“From the first time you meet with a client, it is critically important that you establish yourself as the micro-market expert that you are,” said Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, a leading supplier of micro-market retail displays, seating, design and retail merchandising solutions.

“While your client is certainly knowledgeable about their own location, you have a wealth of experience regarding micro-markets. As an operator, you know what works and which of your client’s many ideas could be potentially problematic,” he said.

Orlando points to multiple ways to establish your credibility as a micro-market expert:

  • Offer success stories from similar companies (same industry) with a similar refreshment space.
  • Present multiple design plans using the Fixturelite Design Tool.
  • Assume the business and jump right into the installation planning.
  • Assure the client that your experienced team will take care of everything, once you have a clear understanding of the rules and challenges associated with the facility. Have your questions ready. Need help building that team? Fixturelite can help!

Orlando and his team are firm believers when it comes to preparing for installation challenges. He offers the following advice: You cannot do enough planning for an installation. A few tips include:

  1. Interview the location contact and get a clear understanding of their expectations pertaining to the installation.
  2. Do not overlook rules pertaining to floor surfaces, freight elevator access, loading dock access and height limitations.
  3. Make absolutely sure that your client has authority over what happens in their building. Management companies – often the real authority in the building – can come out of nowhere to ruin your best plans. If there is a management company – talk to them.

“Fixturelite has created solutions for more than 1,000 micro markets and we played a critical role in many of those installs” said Orlando. “If you can establish trust with your client by convincing them to support the installation plan and let you provide the service, the end result will be a smoother experience and the avoidance of installation pitfalls.” Need assistance with creating install guidelines for your company? Fixturelite provides that type of support and guidance to their customers!