March Survey Results: How likely is it that you will refresh an existing micro market in 2018?

May 15, 2018

We reached out to 56 micro market operators with our survey question about their plans to “refresh” an existing micro market in 2018. We also dug a little deeper, asking operators to share their thoughts behind the answer.

36% had no plans to refresh a micro market in 2018. 

The primary reason given related to the relative infancy of the micro market industry. “My micro markets are pretty new” was a consistent comment.

Jennifer Fox, President of Fox Vending in Chicago, said she might refresh a micro market this year if a customer is redecorating/rehabbing their space and wanted a new look.

29% said they were thinking about it.

15% indicated that there was a pretty good chance they would refresh a micro market in 2018.

20% said they would definitely refresh a micro market in 2018. Some had already refreshed a micro market or were currently in the process of doing so.

These operators were committed to the concept of refreshing their micro markets to stay ahead of the competition and maximize customer satisfaction.

Kyle Dunn, Operations Manager of Machine Cuisine Vending of Arizona, is on board with the concept of refreshing micro markets. Dunn said he will refresh markets to strengthen client relationships, increase sales and improve the experience for his customers. “The customer experience is everything,” said Dunn, who mentioned fixtures and lighting as an area of focus.