How To Level The Playing Field

May 15, 2018

As competition heats up in the world of micro markets and unattended retail, it is more important than ever for operators to focus on strategies that will keep their company ahead of the pack. Such strategies are even more critical for smaller operators, or those who are new to the micro market world, just trying to get into the game.

With unattended retail sales projected to hit $34 Billion by 2023, it makes sense to have a growth and retention strategy.

One strategy that is proven to work: A commitment to design and the ability to sell prospective and existing clients on the design advantage that your company brings to the table.

“I am constantly hearing from operators who are genuinely concerned about their ability to keep up with much larger competitors,” said Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, a leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features. “They are concerned because they can’t always match pricing, product selections and special incentives that are now offered by the big players.”

“I tell these deeply concerned operators to relax, take a deep breath and embrace the solution,”
said Steve Orlando, Co-Founder of Fixturelite.

Orlando points out that some companies even offer staff nutritionists to work with the client on micro market menu planning. “I tell these deeply concerned operators to relax, take a deep breath and embrace the solution,” said Orlando. “The one thing that will absolutely level the playing field for you is your ability to show your client that you are committed to providing their employees a refreshment area that is not only attractive, but also a place to relax, collaborate and refuel.”

This commitment to design and the ultimate sale begins with the Fixturelite Design Tool, a user-friendly technology platform that allows the operator to create a detailed rendition of what the market space will ultimately look like. While Orlando and his team provide a great deal of design support for their operator clients, “The design tool gives operators a head start on competition and an impressive way to show the client that you are truly invested in providing an extraordinary workplace refreshment experience,” said Orlando, who is happy to give operators a free demo of the Fixturelite Design Tool.

Orlando has seen impact of the Fixturelite Design Tool in sales meetings. “Our Design Tool gives the operator an instantly higher level of credibility and validates their commitment to creating the ultimate employee refreshment space,” said Orlando. “Show them the experience that their employees will enjoy, and the odds dramatically increase that the account will be yours for the taking.”

There is plenty of proof that a design-oriented approach to selling micro markets will work for operators, said Orlando. “We have an ongoing need for operators to serve micro market locations because of the many leads we receive from people who are focused on office design.”

Orlando said that in many cases, operators are overlooking what really motivates a prospective client. “While the price of chips and a soft drink is important on some level, the people who are making decisions about workplace refreshment in major accounts are more concerned about retail displays, seating and design features,” he said. “When an operator works with Fixturelite – we can help them tilt the playing field in the right direction.”