Tractor Beverage debuts Organic Impact Calculator on Earth Day

April 22, 2024
The interactive tool provides foodservice operators and consumers with insights into the environmental benefits of Tractor's organically sourced beverages.

Tractor Beverage Company, a fast-growing beverage North American brand and Certified Organic, non-GMO beverage company devoted to the foodservice industry, announced its new Organic Impact Tracker Calculator. This interactive tool, an extension of the company's Organic Impact Tracker, provides users with insights into the environmental benefits of Tractor's organically sourced beverages. 

“Today, as we celebrate Earth Day, we urge all stakeholders to advocate for true environmental accountability,” Tractor CEO Kevin Sherman, said in the announcement. “In 2023, we made significant strides with our Organic Impact Tracker, pioneering the integration of synthetic pesticide tracking into our assessments and championing transparency within the industry. Through the Organic Impact Calculator, our pouring partners and their customers can share their progress to raise awareness and accelerate the transition to organic and regenerative food systems."


The Organic Impact Tracker, developed in partnership with sustainability research company HowGood, monitors five crucial metrics: synthetic pesticides avoided, organic land supported, gallons of water saved, carbon emissions avoided, and improved soil health. Among these, the metric for synthetic pesticides avoided is Tractor's proprietary algorithm that calculates the total reduction in conventional pesticides achieved through organically grown ingredients in their drinks.


Over the last year, Tractor has made considerable progress, preventing 34 tons of synthetic pesticides from contaminating the ecosystem and moving closer to its ambitious target of removing 1,034 tons by 2030.