Tractor Beverage Company announces leadership changes

March 25, 2024
Justin Herber, Tractor's chief brand officer, takes a new role as the founder of the Farmhand Foundation, a philanthropic initiative. The company welcomes Duke Stump as its new chief brand officer.

Tractor Beverage Company, a trailblazing pioneer of certified organic, non-GMO beverages exclusively for the foodservice sector, announced leadership changes – aimed at propelling the company into its next phase of growth and impact.

In a strategic shift, Justin Herber, the visionary chief brand officer behind Tractor's rise to prominence, is embracing a new role as the founder of the Farmhand Foundation. This groundbreaking philanthropic initiative spearheaded alongside Tractor Beverage Company founders, Griffin Barkley and Justin Schneir, is dedicated to empowering farmers to break free from conventional practices and embrace organic and regenerative farming methods. Herber's departure from Tractor's executive team marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter as the company further sets its sights on revolutionizing the global food system.

“I'm beyond thrilled to embark on this journey to lead the Farmhand Foundation,” Herber said in the announcement. “From the outset, Tractor has been driven by a desire to make a meaningful, positive impact, and this marks the progression of that dedication. Working alongside Tractor's co-founders, I'm thrilled to embark on the next chapter of the Tractor journey, making a real, tangible difference, starting at the farm level.”

Simultaneously, Tractor Beverage Company welcomes Duke Stump as its new chief brand officer. Stump, a seasoned maverick in the marketing world, brings an eclectic blend of experience from his tenure at iconic brands such as Seventh Generation, Nike, Lululemon, and Lime. With a track record of pushing boundaries and challenging norms, Stump is poised to ignite a new era of creativity and purpose at Tractor.

“I'm honored to join the Tractor team,” Stump said in the announcement. “This is more than a job – it's a calling to leverage our platform for positive change. Together, we'll amplify our impact and inspire a movement towards a healthier, more sustainable future.”

As Tractor's new creative steward, Stump will collaborate closely with the existing team, including Herber, to craft a brand narrative that resonates with consumers and drives change. Their shared vision for Tractor's future promises to redefine the beverage industry and set new standards for social and environmental responsibility.

“We're embarking on an exhilarating journey with Justin and Duke at the helm,” Kevin Sherman, CEO of Tractor Beverage Company, said in the announcement. “Justin's passion and dedication have been instrumental in shaping Tractor's identity, and we're excited to see him channel that energy into the Farmhand Foundation. With Duke's visionary leadership, we're poised to take Tractor to new heights of success and impact.”

The announcement marks a pivotal moment for Tractor Beverage Company as it reaffirms its commitment to innovation, sustainability and community impact. With Herber blazing a new trail with the Farmhand Foundation and Stump at the helm of Tractor's brand evolution, the company is poised to lead the charge toward a brighter, more sustainable future.