Nayax launches Nayax U platform for customers

March 15, 2024
Nayax U provides easy access to information about Nayax products, features and more for Nayax customers.

Nayax announced its new Nayax U platform for customers. The platform was built to provide customers with easy access to information about Nayax products, features, onboarding and more and to empower business owners to be self-sufficient. A simple search makes troubleshooting guides, videos and tutorials available for customers, helping them solve any issues they may have on the spot.

Beyond providing customers with the support they need, Nayax U also helps Nayax customers learn about the vast capabilities and powerful features that Nayax products have to offer, giving them tips and helping them learn how to optimize their operations and grow their business.

“We’re excited to have reached this milestone and to be able to provide our customers with the knowledge they need in real time,” Eliran Maor-Trifman, product education manager at Nayax, said in the annoucement. “New information, guides, tutorials, and tips will be added to Nayax U on a weekly basis, keeping the platform up to date. Every piece of content also includes a feedback feature, helping us understand what is most helpful for our customers and what we can improve.”

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