Sidework raises new capital to broaden scope of beverage dispensing technology

Nov. 9, 2023
Sidework, a beverage technology company formerly known as Backbar, announced its recent rebranding and fundraising efforts to reinforce its standing as an innovative leader in beverage automation.

Sidework, a pioneering beverage technology company formerly known as Backbar, announced it has closed new funding to bring its total raised to over $10 million. The new money is led by Cherubic Ventures with continuing participation from Finistere Ventures, SOSV, Outlander Labs, and Pathbreaker Ventures. 

Matt Cheng, Cherubic Ventures' general partner, said in the announcement: “We believe in Sidework's vision to revolutionize the beverage industry. This funding marks an exciting milestone, reflecting the pivotal role they are playing to reshape how beverages are crafted and served.”

The rebrand signifies Sidework’s broadened scope, where customers can dispense drinks, manage inventory and buy ingredients through Sidework's hardware, software and marketplace ecosystem.

Sidework's dispensers are capable of handling ingredients that are fresh, highly viscous, contain particulates, pulp, dairy and more. Sidework's storage, pumping and refrigeration capabilities make it possible. Sidework's dispenser allows operators to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands: a menu could include iced pumpkin spiced lattes in the morning, flavored sparkling waters and craft sodas during lunch, and then automatically transition to cocktails for happy hour and dinner.

Venues can choose between different-sized ingredient storage units based on menu complexity and different levels of dispensing automation based on volume. Additionally, Sidework's software gives operators control, insights and data regarding their beverage program.