Blue Heaven Coffee details overview of touchless and traditional vending machines

Aug. 9, 2023
Canopus BioPharma Inc., dba Blue Heaven Coffee Inc. (BHC), continues to expand its network and pioneer vending innovations; the company is poised to increase its footprint across multiple markets in automated retail.

Canopus BioPharma Inc., dba Blue Heaven Coffee Inc. (BHC), announced an overview of its innovative fleet of touchless and traditional vending machines, strategically situated in high-traffic, high-impact locations across North America.

According to the announcement, BHC has been at the forefront of unattended and attended retail solutions since its inception, revolutionizing the customer experience through its extensive network of custom-engineered touchless vending machines, smart kitchens, micro markets, workplace coffee services and digital water coolers.

BHC's touchless vending machines are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which elevates the user experience through a seamless user interface and automated programmatic ad scheduling capabilities. This feature provides media owners robust controls over creative content timing, management, and monetization of their digital signage. By leveraging real-time buying and selling of ad inventory, advertisers can strategically target their audiences with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Programmatic advertising, powered by cutting-edge technologies like real-time bidding, data-driven targeting, cross-device targeting and ad optimization through machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence, enhances precision and efficiency in reaching the desired audience.

Cold-beverage and snack combination vending machines

BHC's versatile cold beverage and snack combo touchless vending machines leverage optical sensor technology to adapt to consumer behavior and demographics, delivering insights into shopper preferences. This approach facilitates full screen video advertisements, product animations, combo deals, and QR code-based product recommendations.

Designed for a user-centered experience, these machines offer a touchscreen interface that instantly engages customers with the products they desire. Their speed, convenience and instant product delivery make them ideally suited for high-traffic areas.

Coffee and hot beverage vending machines

BHC delivers a round-the-clock unattended coffee shop experience through its advanced hot beverage vending machines. They feature an intuitive, self-service touchscreen interface and an extensive drink menu, including drip coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, café mochas, hot chocolates, tea and other on-the-go beverages. Select locations offer premium Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

BHC's unique brewing and filtering systems ensure precise ingredient controls for consistent taste, aroma and appearance in each cup. Each beverage, brewed on demand, is dispensed within seconds, offering a gourmet experience comparable to traditional coffee shops.

All BHC vending machines feature cashless payment options, ensuring a contactless, hygienic transaction experience. Customers can pay using credit or debit cards (either by swiping or tapping) or through mobile payment options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.