announces joint venture with OK Manufacturing

July 11, 2023 and OK Manufacturing announce joint venture, reinforcing American manufacturing in vending and amusement machines., a leading distributor and manufacturer of vending and amusement machines since 1998, and OK Manufacturing, an esteemed manufacturer with over 30 years of combined leadership experience in custom specialized vending and amusement equipment, announced a strategic joint venture. The collaboration, built on a relationship of more than 20 years, aims to enhance the quality and availability of American-made electronic bulk vending and amusement machines, reinforcing U.S. manufacturing in both vending and amusement industry.

These products will be marketed under the brand American Gumball Company, a trademark owned by, and will reintroduce three products: the Giant Electronic Gumball Machine, the Electronic Little Mama, and the new 48" Gumball or 2" Capsule machine.

Further product announcements are expected. The commitment to domestic manufacturing underlines the companies' aim to invigorate the bulk vending and amusement industry and highlight the value of American craftsmanship.

"This joint venture builds upon a strong, long-standing relationship with OK Manufacturing," Kevin Johnson, COO of, said in the announcement. "We've worked hand in hand to take a proof of concept to full production, and this partnership not only allows us to reintroduce our high-quality, locally made vending and amusement machines to a wider audience but also gives us the tools we need to scale quickly and focus on getting costs down. All products will be marketed and sold on, making it easier for customers to access our innovative solutions."

OK Manufacturing, known for its quality equipment and commitment to distributors, resellers, and corporate accounts, is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. "This partnership more or less formalizes what we've been doing for many years with," Steve Halliday of OK Manufacturing, added in the announcement. "It signifies a significant milestone for OK Manufacturing. We're excited to continue our work with to boost the American manufacturing industry and deliver exceptional products to our customers."

Through this strategic joint venture, and OK Manufacturing demonstrate their dedication to manufacturing excellence, consumer satisfaction, and the revitalization of American manufacturing in the bulk vending and amusement industry.

Management is at CES show in Vegas

Jan. 6, 2023’s electronic vending machines are on display at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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