Dot Foods announces new CEO, new president and leadership promotions

March 6, 2023
Dot Foods Inc. announces changes across its executive team as several longtime leaders take on new responsibilities.

Dot Foods Inc., a large North American food industry redistributor, announced changes across its executive team as several longtime leaders take on new responsibilities. Dot’s new chief executive officer is Dick Tracy, the youngest of founders Robert and Dorothy Tracy’s 12 children. He joined the family business in 1991 and has served as the president of Dot Foods since 2017. 

“I am excited about this next chapter for our business,” Dick Tracy said in the announcement. “We are seeing a lot of exciting growth, and it’s great to be in that position, especially coming off the turbulence of the pandemic and the subsequent recovery. We’re fortunate to have incredible leaders across Dot, and the changes and new roles we’re announcing today allow us to use their talents in new ways.” 

Dick Tracy follows his older brother, Joe Tracy, into the CEO role. After six years in the position, Joe Tracy is now the CEO of Dot Family Holdings (DFH), the investment office of the Tracy family. DFH owns several companies, the largest of which is Dot Foods. Joe Tracy will work closely with older brother John Tracy, executive chairman of both DFH and Dot, to oversee the governance of the companies in of the DFH portfolio. Both Joe Tracy and John Tracy will continue to play an active role in Dot Foods. 

With Dick Tracy’s promotion, George Eversman has been named the new president of Dot. Eversman has been a part of the Dot family for nearly 30 years, serving in a variety of sales and business development roles. As president, he is now responsible for the day-to-day management of Dot’s overall business.

“George is the first president of our company who is not a Tracy family member,” Dick Tracy added in the announcement. “My brothers and I often talk about how much we value being a family-owned and operated business. That has not changed. We’re committed to that and believe members of the third generation of our family will continue to grow their careers, take on more leadership roles, and eventually hold positions on our executive team. But at this time in Dot’s story, George is without a doubt the best person for this job. His vast experience and proven track record of success will now benefit even more of our business.”

Cullen Andrews has been promoted to executive vice president. In addition to taking on some of Eversman’s former business development responsibilities, Andrews, a 20-year Dot employee, now leads all channels of sales, customer service, and marketing. 

The start of 2023 is bittersweet as Dot shares deep gratitude and appreciation for two longtime employees who are starting well-deserved retirements: John Long and Anita Montgomery. Long stepped down in late January after 36 years of service, most recently as senior vice president of warehouse. His responsibilities are being divided to address Dot’s growing warehouse operations that are adding both size and complexity each year.

Matt Holt has spent the last 15 years leading Dot’s human resources team and will now be the vice president of distribution centers (DCs). He is responsible for Dot’s U.S. and Canada DCs and occupational health and safety team. He will also continue to lead the company’s culture initiatives.

Chris Landrum is the newly appointed vice president of warehouse, taking over corporate warehouse strategy, which includes equipment, automation, and warehouse operations. Landrum brings 15 years of experience to the role, having previously served as the general manager of Dot’s Chicago and Burley, Idaho, facilities and worked in both transportation and sales for the business. 

Anita Montgomery, Dot’s chief financial officer, is wrapping up a 15-year career with Dot with her retirement in March. In that time, she drove success in both the credit and replenishment teams, before becoming CFO. Dot will hire a vice president of Finance in the near future. 

The final new additions to Dot’s executive team are Lydia Miller, vice president of replenishment, and Mandi Clark, who replaces Holt as vice president of human resources. Miller has been with Dot for more than 15 years, working previously in both accounting and replenishment before holding several leadership roles on the HR team. Clark is a 17-year Dot veteran who launched her career as an intern. After college, she joined the sales team and moved up the ranks to eventually lead customer service and development before making the move over to HR.


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