Café Valley Bakery acquires Freed's Bakery

Jan. 10, 2023
Café Valley plans relaunch of mini iced cupcakes.

Café Valley, an agile leader in the bakery industry that manufactures and distributes high-quality baked goods to the in-store bakery and foodservice channels, announced the acquisition of the assets of Freed's Bakery. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, Freed's Bakery is one of the largest iced mini cupcake manufacturers in North America and provides its customers both every day and seasonal mini iced cupcakes.

Freed's is known for its variety of vanilla and chocolate 12-count and 24-count cupcakes topped with fun, innovative icing colors and designs. The company continuously evolves their seasonal and core everyday offerings to match the ever-changing needs of consumers, and the market, while keeping quality at the forefront of their values.

CEO of Cafe Valley, Brian Owens, said in the announcement: "This is an exciting time to be a leader in the bakery business. The acquisition of Freed's is a key step that expands our leadership position in thaw and sell baked goods. Our everyday and seasonally targeted range of iced mini cupcakes offers an indulgent, snack sized treat ideal for special events and gatherings. Iced mini cupcakes are a perfect complement to our core business of cakes, muffins, coffee cake bites, and croissants, and will provide a key growth area for our retail and foodservice partners. We are incredibly excited to be able to better serve our customers with this acquisition."

Founded in 1986, Café Valley produces high-quality bakery products for in-store bakeries, club stores, foodservice and convenience stores throughout North America. Its products include croissants, muffins, Bundt cakes, ring cakes, turnovers and coffee cake bites. With two state-of-the-art production facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, and Marion, Indiana, Café Valley products are available to customers throughout North America.