Cantaloupe named 2022 Champion of Board Diversity by The Forum of Executive Women

Nov. 15, 2022
Cantaloupe announced it has been recognized as a “2022 Champion of Board Diversity” by The Forum of Executive Women, a Greater Philadelphia women’s organization, for the second year in a row.

Cantaloupe, Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, is honored to be recognized as a “2022 Champion of Board Diversity” by The Forum of Executive Women, a Greater Philadelphia premier women’s organization. This is the second year in a row that Cantaloupe has been honored.

Cantaloupe’s board of directors currently has four women among its nine members and three women on its nine-member leadership team.

“All of us at Cantaloupe are pleased to be recognized by The Forum of Executive Women,” Ravi Venkatesan, CEO of Cantaloupe Inc., said in the announcement. “We know first-hand the value of bringing together diverse perspectives among our employees and Board, and the important role that women play in effective decision-making, guidance and risk management roles.”

The Forum of Executive Women’s recent annual Women in Leadership report is based on research conducted in collaboration with PwC and provides a detailed analysis of the gender composition of boards and executive teams, as well as top earners at the top 100 public companies in the Philadelphia region. The report also examines the value that diversity – gender, ethic, racial and LGBTQ+ — can bring to the corporate boardrooms and C-suites. The report is available to view at  

“The Champion of Board Diversity Award has been a hallmark of The Forum since 2017,” Julie Kaeli, executive director of The Forum of Executive Women, added in the announcement. “The award distinguishes 35 companies among the top 100 public companies listed in our report who have truly championed women by giving them a seat and a voice at the boardroom table. Our hope is that this group will continue to increase year after year. We are pleased to recognize Cantaloupe’s efforts for two years in a row and applaud Cantaloupe for helping make the Philadelphia region the gold standard for prioritizing and implementing meaningful and sustainable improvements in gender as well as racial, ethnic and LGBTQ+ diversity.”


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