Nayax Ltd. announces agreement with Canteen

July 27, 2022
In a letter to shareholders, Nayax Ltd. announces agreement to enter into a master software, subscription, equipment and services agreement with Compass Group USA.

Nayax LLC (Nayax USA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Nayax Ltd., has entered into a master software, subscription, equipment and services agreement with Compass Group USA Inc. (doing business as Canteen), for the provision by Nayax USA to Canteen and its affiliates of the company's solutions and services for unattended points of sale.

As of the date of this announcement, Nayax USA has supplied the company's hardware and is providing services to approximately 50,000 unattended points-of-sale managed by Canteen and by several of Canteens’ franchisees under a pilot agreement in 2020.

The letter states that this engagement by Nayax USA is an additional agreement with Canteen and constitutes evidence of Canteen's satisfaction with the company's unattended products and services.

The agreement is for an initial period of 36 months and will automatically renew for subsequent one-year periods thereafter, unless terminated earlier by either of the parties.

Within this agreement, Canteen has undertaken to purchase, during 2022, not less than 10,000 additional connected POS devices from Nayax, although the company expects the number of connected POS devices that Canteen and its franchisees will purchase will be higher.


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