Cantaloupe unveils first-of-its-kind bundled subscription model, Cantaloupe ONE

March 24, 2022
Platform-as-a-service offering enables retailers to future-proof their business with no upfront fees.

Cantaloupe Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for the unattended retail market, announced the launch of the Cantaloupe ONE Platform.

A first-of-its-kind bundled subscription model, Cantaloupe ONE enables autonomous retailers to future-proof their business, eliminate capital expenditures on new hardware, and reduce the risk of hardware end-of-life, with zero upfront fees. The platform is available now and is gaining significant market traction.

“We are thrilled to bring this platform-as-a-service model to our customers and the unattended retail market,” said Sean Feeney, CEO of Cantaloupe Inc. “We have seen many changes that have placed challenging capital requirements on our operators. Whether it is unpredictability of monthly costs, changing technology landscapes, capital expense on new hardware, hardware evolution over time, and more, this truly is a model that fast-forwards our customers into shaping the next generation of retail.”

The Cantaloupe ONE Platform is available for ePort hardware as well as Yoke POS, bundled with additional software service offerings.

Benefits of the Cantaloupe ONE Platform include:

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Fixed, predictable monthly bundled SaaS fees
  • Reduced risk of hardware obsolescence with included extended warranty
  • An initial 36-month commitment period; with M2M or renewal options
  • Flexible options to bundle in additional software services

“With rapid advancements in compliance, security, and technology, our customers are experiencing technology upgrades at a quicker pace than ever before,” said Jeff Dumbrell, chief revenue officer, Cantaloupe Inc. “Our Cantaloupe ONE Platform provides the marketplace with a simple and affordable way to get the latest technology, empowering customers to future-proof their businesses through a service-driven model tailored to their unique needs. This frees them up to focus on growing their business while ensuring they have the best technology to increase sales, engage consumers, and run an efficient operation.”


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