Fastcorp Vending announces strategic alliance with Cannaballers

March 14, 2022
The partnership with ABsea Change Inc. will drive the adoption of new vending machines and technologies in unattended retail spaces.

Fastcorp Vendinga leading manufacturer in the vending industry, announced an innovative strategic partnership with ABsea Change Inc., (dba Sea Change Mercantile, Cannaballers), to drive retail adoption of Fastcorp’s innovative smart vending platforms and technologies.

The alliance brings together FastCorp’s resources and leadership in innovation and manufacturing in the vending industry; ABsea Change’s seasoned professionals in CPG/retail supply chain, sales, marketing and distribution; together with experts from the ethical cannabis/CBD industry.

“We are excited to be the exclusive vending partner of ABSea Change and Cannaballers,” said Brian Weinstein, president and CEO of Fastcorp. “We are impressed with their leadership and commitment to ethical brand selection. This, combined with their differentiation strategies, scalability, and overall expertise makes them great partners in this fast-growing market-segment.”

Chief officer of operations for ABsea Change, Melissa Loomis, is an expert in the vending space with decades of experience running national distribution and retail merchandising for Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever.

“We are excited to be explorers, leaning into the future and learning from true directional data with unprecedented new technologies for consumer engagement, education, and experience in an autonomous retail platform and integrated digital eco-systems,” Loomis said. “At a moment in time in which the CPG/retail industry is on life support, from failed supply chains to historic labor shortages, we’re providing real solutions and offering the CPG industry, a new way forward.”

Chuck Green, chief executive officer of ABsea Change, added, “This is incredibly opportunity for us to pilot and innovate the best, and most efficient, smart vending machines and platform on the market. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a partner in Fastcorp; an outstanding, ethical, and top-notch domestic manufacturer, that has led the pack in retail robotic solutions for over thirty years.”

Fastcorp offers a reliable, versatile and customizable portfolio of machines using both conveyors and vacuum robotics. Its machines can be found in locations across the globe – manufactured in Connecticut. Chapco Inc., a collaborative company, co-located in Chester, CT, performs the engineering and metal fabrication services.


[Credit: Vendekin]
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