Pepsi plans ‘massive’ plant near Denver airport: BusinessDen

July 14, 2021

Local business news outlet BusinessDen reported that PepsiCo Inc. is planning to open a massive new facility near the Denver International Airport. The soda giant listed its current bottling property in the area for sale.

BusinessDen obtained documents submitted to the city of Denver earlier this year by Pepsi’s attorneys stating that “the company is under contract to purchase 148 acres, part of parcels technically known as 6972 N. Argonne St. and 19300 E. 72nd Ave.”

Pepsi is planning a 1.1 million-sq.ft. building for the property, almost twice the size of its current 630,000-sq.ft. building to be replaced.

BusinessDen reported that the documents it obtained state that most of the structure would be “two or three stories tall, although about 12% of it would be about 110 feet tall to accommodate an ‘automatic storage and retrieval system for warehousing.’” 

Construction of Pepsi’s new plan could begin in March 2022 and take about a year to complete. The expansion is expected to add 200 new jobs to area.


[Credit: PepsiCo]
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