About-face: NC county withdraws Coke vending machine ban after bottler sets record straight

June 9, 2021

Surry County commissioners in North Carolina sought to send a message to Coca-Cola Co. about its disagreement with the beverage giant’s speaking out against Georgia’s new voting laws.

That message was delivered last week in a vote in favor of removing a dozen Coke vending machines on Surry County properties, a move that made national news.

However, the machines are owned and serviced by Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc., an independent bottling company based in Charlotte, not Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co.

Coca-Cola Consolidated is the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States. It makes, sells and distributes beverages of the Coca-Cola Co. and other partner companies in 14 states and the District of Columbia to over 66 million consumers. Although it distributes Coca-Cola products, among other brands, the bottler is a separate entity.

A Coca-Cola Consolidated spokesperson reportedly told the commission that its decision directly impacts its employees who work in Surry County, and that one of the bottler’s facilities is in Surry County, and asked that the ban be reconsidered.

Surry County commissioners voted Monday to rescind its ban.


[Credit: Nik Albert/Unsplash]
Coke Vender Nik Albert Unsplash

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