Sodexo's Reveals "Near-Perfect" Implementation of Health and Safety Measures on Campus

Dec. 8, 2020

Sodexo has released an assessment from EcoSure, a company that provides food and safety assessments, showing how the company's planification of food and custodial services were integrated for students and staff.  

WINNIPEG, MB, Nov. 26, 2020 /CNW/ - Sodexo is proud to announce that it received a score of 99% by EcoSure, a provider of onsite food safety assessments, for its successful implementation of health and safety protocols at Providence College & Seminary in Otterburne, as well as 98% for exceling in the development and integration of comprehensive food and safety measures on campus. The recognition is the latest example of how Sodexo's teams have been working tirelessly to integrate rigorous health and safety protocols to deliver the highest quality of services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our long-term partnership with Providence College & Seminary College in Otterburne, Manitoba is an excellent example of how our Sodexo team has seamlessly integrated extensive Health and Safety protocols to ensure the well-being of the 500 students and staff members located on campus," said Martin Lapointe, Senior Vice President, Education, of Sodexo Canada. "Our objective is to ensure that the safest and healthiest of environments are offered to our communities and we are proud of the work being done across the board."

To ensure an irreproachable level of security throughout the pandemic, numerous measures were put in place at Providence College & Seminary, including:

  • Perfected use of chemicals, with the development of a meticulous product labelling system.
  • Enhanced and updated COVID-19 protocols, such as establishing various washing procedures, installing various sanitizing stations, deploying an extensive risk management strategy, and following up with their employees' screening processes. 
  • Ensured the strictest of ergonomic requirements were met.

David Johnson, President of Providence College & Seminary, added: "Providence has found great value in our partnership with Sodexo. We are thankful for their experience and professional resources to help us safely and responsibly navigate the current health crisis."

The well-being and health of employees, clients and guests is and always has been Sodexo's main priority. Over the past number of years, the food services and facilities management company has been developing innovative and rigorous health and safety measures to efficiently overcome and prevent challenges seen in 2020 alone.  

Sodexo has been in charge of both the planification and provision of food services as well as custodial services (office, floor, washroom and ground cleaning) to its proud partner Providence College & Seminary for more than 30 years.

If you want to learn more about Sodexo's Health and Safety services, please visit:

About SodexoSodexo delivers a wide range of customized solutions, designed to optimize work and living environments. Sodexo has been providing food and facilities management services in Canada for over 40 years, with a focus on enhancing safety, work process and well-being. Sodexo is a market leader in Canada. Sodexo has been recognized as a top employer for the past seven consecutive years. Sodexo is proud to have created the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, an independent charitable organization that has raised over $3 million to fight hunger and donated more than one million meals to at-risk youth across Canada since 2007.


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