Marc Rosset Of Professional Vending Consultants Announces Huge Commission Reductions And Delay Of Payment

April 15, 2020

April 15, 2020 -- Marc Rosset says he is going to cut his commissions 40% from his normally low fee of 5% to 1% depending on the size of the transaction. He is also allowing ½ of his fee to be paid in 1 year of closing, instead of his usual payment at the close. At this point, the reductions are in place for any deals listed between today and May 2022.

As an example, a typical $1 Million-dollar gross deal at 60% of sales would only cost the seller $13,000 dollars with the payment of $6,500 delayed for a year. Of course many of his deals sell at higher hen 60% of sales and his commission for larger deals is much lower by percentage.

Rosset says he may decide at that point to continue the program indefinitely.

He knows there will be numerous operators who will be forced to sell in that timeframe, and he wants to make sure that operators have more in their pockets at close.

“After completing over 310 separate transactions over 26 years, and nearing $900 Million in gross revenues, I want to give back to the industry and operators I have so much respect for, and help those who endeavor to move on, with very little cost associated with that move,” says Rosset.

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