Imperial Company To Open To New Facility In Former G7 Anheuser-Busch Location In Davenport, Iowa

March 20, 2019

Davenport, IA – March 19th, 2019 --  Imperial Company (Imperial), the premier vending and food service company in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa and Illinois, today announced its plans to open a new facility in Davenport, Iowa with the purchase of the former G7 Anheuser-Busch location. With renovations set to be completed by the summer, 2019, the move into the more than 37,000 square foot facility marks the company’s continued expansion into the Quad Cities region.

Founded in 1979, Imperial provides vending, micro markets, catering, corporate dining, and coffee services. Imperial acquired Davenport-based Valley Vending in May, 2018, which aimed to leverage the company’s strong local footprint and reputation. The new facility will house a warehouse, food coolers, dry storage, a Lightspeed pick line, commissary, offices, and indoor parking for nine route trucks. Imperial currently employs more than 700 people serving with more than $100 million in annual sales.

“We are committed to investing in growth and are excited to continue our expansion into the Quad City market with our soon-to-open new facility,” said Lance Whorton President, of Imperial Company. “As we continue to deliver on our promise of bringing the freshest quality products to our customers through world class service and best-in-class technology, this expansion builds upon our successful acquisition of Valley Vending, and will enable us to continue to add new employment opportunities as we grow and scale along with the needs of our customers.”

Following the acquisition of Valley Vending, Imperial began upgrading more than 500 self-service retail machines with USA Technologies (NASDAQ:USAT) cashless payments and enterprise software solutions. With nearly a million connections to its state-of-the-art ePort Connect payment platform, USA Technologies offers what it believes to be the industry’s first truly integrated end-to-end enterprise platform for the unattended retail market, designed not only to increase sales by bringing digital payment options to unattended retail locations but also to decrease operational costs by giving customers the ability to run their businesses in a more efficient and competitive way.

“We are thrilled with our ongoing partnership with Imperial,” said Maeve McKenna Duska, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development, USA Technologies.  “Their continued growth with the acquisition of Valley Vending, and now the opening of the new facility, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation. Our technology ensures they are bringing not only the right products to the Quad Cities region, but enabling consumers to pay the way that is most comfortable to them, whether it is cash, credit or mobile payment. Further, they are able to operate their business and serve unattended retail operators in the most efficient and effective way.”

As part of the acquisition of Valley Vending and purchase of the new facility, Imperial plans to implement additional services and offerings to local self-serve retail operators, including continued roll-out of USAT’s cashless payments and enterprise software solutions on additional machines, a larger variety of products and enhanced fresh food items, a micro-market self-checkout kiosk system, in-house coffee roasting, guaranteed rapid response time for service calls and tracking of calls, subsidy and payroll deduct options and loyalty and rewards programs on unattended machines, and upgraded refrigerated route trucks.

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