Palmer Candy Boosts Warehouse Efficiency, Advances Inventory Management With Planning Solution

July 18, 2018

RONKONKOMA, N.Y.--VAI, a leading ERP software developer, today announced that Palmer Candy, one of the nation’s longest running family-owned companies, optimized production, enhanced inventory management and increased warehouse efficiency through VAI’s S2K Enterprise solution with Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Warehouse Management Software (WMS), and Retail-Point-of-Sale (POS) applications. 

With VAI’s S2K MRP solution, Palmer Candy has been able to accurately track raw materials and finished product in its warehouses, correctly schedule employee hours, and place precise orders ensuring that the company does not run out of materials during production, therefore saving money and time. Before implementing the MRP application, Palmer Candy was only able to track bulk products, which led to excessive or inadequate amounts of materials available for production and difficulty finding products in the warehouse because individual items were not being tracked. S2K’s precise inventory tracking ability allows the company to gain back the hours of 150 employees who previously had to halt a full day of production while 12-15 employees would count materials and finished product each month. S2K MRP is also used as an employee scheduling tool for its proven accuracy in predicting hours necessary, ultimately decreasing the amount of overtime hours needed during production. 

The company recently integrated the S2K WMS application to enhance productivity, improve overall warehouse efficiency, and to work in tandem with the S2K MRP application to track materials from start to finish. The applications working together allow the warehouse to place expiration dates on all raw materials and track them, protecting the integrity of the product in case of a recall. 

“We’ve been in business for 140 years this year and continue to innovate and grow as a company to provide our customers the best product available,” said Brenda Huls, CFO of Palmer Candy. “With S2K Enterprise with MRP and WMS, we’ve been able to gain back one day of production each month where we used to have to shut down to count inventory. The built-in tracking capability has created much more organization in our warehouse and has saved us both time and money by ensuring that we have the exact amount of product necessary instead of making estimations.” 

“Our various application offerings have allowed Palmer Candy to customize the S2K solution based on their unique business challenges and they have seen very positive outcomes so far,” said Luke Heaton, project director at VAI. “We’re proud of the relationship we’ve built over the last 20 years and continue to grow together as Palmer Candy has plans to add additional applications in the near future.” 

About Palmer Candy 
The Palmer Candy Company, founded in 1878, is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality chocolate and specialty confectionary treats. The company ships from its two facilities in Sioux City, Iowa to grocery, convenience store and wholesale customers nationwide. The company president and chief executive officer, Marty Palmer, is a fifth-generation owner of the privately-held company. For more information, visit:

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