Snacking Insights: How To Bring Back The Baby Boomers

June 1, 2018

With snacking continuing to grow, the segment calls for a wider representation of options for different consumer types. While younger generations still drive most of the growth, there is untapped potential in baby boomers, especially in the confectionary category, according to Food Business News. "You’ve got 74 million consumers out there that are looking for some new options that will appeal to them,” said Sally Lyons Wyatt, executive vice-president of thought leadership at I.R.I. (Information Resources Inc.), during a presentation at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. Older generations are looking for something different, because they have a different palate and likes. It's time to find a way of attracting those consumers and get them back into the category.  

According to Lyons Watt, potato chips, tortilla chips, snack nuts and nutrition bars are among the top snacking categories, but other salted snacks, such as products featuring seaweed, onion, chickpeas or beans, are driving significant growth. These products are popular because they're exciting to consumers; the category consists of a variety of snacks and snack options – such as chips, nuts and bars, containing different ingredients. 

Protein products vary among generations. While boomers prefer snacks like pork rinds and sunflower seeds, Millennials and Generation X prefer granola bars and other salted stacks. 

Boomers want to see low or no saturated fat and reduced sodium. They are also more likely to choose confections with protein, antioxidants, reduced sugar and no or low caffeine, according to Lyons Watt.  

Get boomers attention with snacks that appeal to them. They are an untapped market worth investing in.