Food Research Offers Insights Into What Makes Brands, Shopping Popular For Consumers

May 23, 2018

Morning Consult Intelligence conducted research, partly through national online surveys of adults, to find out what and why consumers like the brands they do and other insights, according to the Media Post. The favorite food and beverage brands among all U.S. adults, according to research, is Hershey's and Ritz.  

In a study looking at purchasing consideration influences, consumers were asked under what circumstances they would consider paying $0.05 more on a $5 item. Of all adults, 82 percent cited packaging indicating animal welfare in sourcing methods and a commitment to the environment; 77 percent said packaging indicating support of American farmers, not made using GMOs, or a recent recommendation from a friend; 68 percent indicated made locally, 63 percent indicated made in the U.S., and 55 percent indicated a brand name they know and like.  

Consumers reporting that brand names matter "a lot" were equal to or more than 25 percent for for soda, coffee/tea, cereal, juice, dairy products, and snack foods and bread products. All other categories fell between 25 percent and 18 percent.  

What resonated the most on labels to consumers was the word "fresh." Of adult participants, fully 81 percent said the word "fresh" makes products (food and beverage) "more appealing" to them. Other wording that was "more appealing" included natural flavors (66 percent) and naturally sweetened (58 percent). Interestingly, 54 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 said a product labeled organic is more appealing, versus 37 percent of those 65 or older.