Generation NEXT Vending Robots To Debut At CinemaCon 2018

April 24, 2018

Generation NEXT Vending Robots, Inc., a subsidiary technology concept of Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, Inc., will unveil its all-new Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Vending Robot at the CinemaCon 2018 trade show. CinemaCon is the leading trade show that focuses on the cinema and theater industries, giving movie theater owners from across the globe an opportunity to experience the latest technology and advancements in the motion picture industry. 

Generation NEXT Vending Robots can enhance the theater experience by providing a fully-automated robot that serves customers seven delicious flavors of frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato or sorbet, and offers a choice of up to six customized toppings all created in 60 seconds and delivered by a multi-axis robotic arm. More importantly, the robot can provide cinema owners with an additional revenue stream as well as the chance to offer a unique customer experience that is unmatched. 

The team at Generation NEXT are excited to showcase the novelty, theatrics, technology, and performance of the frozen dessert robot, a product that is going to redefine and disrupt the landscape of frozen desserts in movie cinemas.  With so many changes and advances in the theater industry as well as a myriad of new food and snack options that are now available to consumers, CinemaCon 2018 is the perfect venue to showcase how unmanned robots can improve the moviegoer experience while providing value and revenue to its owners. 

“We are thrilled to showcase our new Generation NEXT Vending Robots at CinemaCon 2018,” said Nick Yates, Chairman of Generation NEXT Franchise Brands. “We can’t wait to see how individual cinema owners and the other attendees react to this value proposition of combining high margin frozen dessert options with minimal labor involved in a very small footprint. We are confident that once they see the technology, they will see the value a robot may bring to the cinema and moviegoers alike.” 


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