One Step Vending Corp. Announces Coming Platform For CBD Based Consumer Products

April 4, 2018

Harrison, NY, April 03, 2018 -- One Step Vending Corp., a holdings company operating in the convenience, vending, and micro markets space, has been working actively on releasing a new web platform for the sale of innovative brands CBD products online. 

After an extensive period of market research, meeting with several manufacturers and distributors, One Step Vending Corp. found the most suitable products and established a range of products that will be included in the stock mixture. Working on some of the most innovative ideas, within the next 30 days, the Company will start a pilot program into the emerging multibillion dollar industry of CBD and hemp related products. The e-shop will showcase some of the brands CBD and Hemp infused collaborations, including hemp and avocado body moisturizer, hemp infused bar soap and exfoliates, CBD gummies as well as the exclusive “VassoVape”. 

One Step Vending, Corp., will release the brand identity and e-shop design under the domain, which is currently under construction. The company seeks to combine the e-shop business with the actual kiosks in its current locations to provide consumers with the CBD and hemp related products. 

"We are excited! We are currently on the verge of producing an innovative line of hemp and CBD related products for our consumers that will amplify the scope and scale of our operations and accelerate growth for the company and its investors," said Chief Executive Officer of One Step Vending Corp. Daniel Garfinkel. will be the main platform for any distribution deals that One Step Vending is about to embark on. With an estimate market growth of CBD products over 2.1B by 2020, CBD kiosk should be a top frontier for the distribution of CBD products worldwide. 

The Company looks forward to delivering updates shortly and revealing more information. 

About is a hemp specialized market platform, aimed to provide various cannabinoid based products made in the United States, through collaboration with breakthrough companies in the field and specially designed products under its brand. 

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