PepsiCo Foodservice Partners With Penn State Testing Aquafina Water Station

March 28, 2018

PepsiCo Foodservice is testing, in partnership with Penn State, new Aquafina Water Station units, which were also on display at the NAMA Show last week. This is one example of how PepsiCo Foodservice is driving growth by developing innovative, engaging equipment to offer the foods and beverages that consumers are seeking.  

PepsiCo has created an innovation pipeline that is "reinventing the water fountain" to be more in line with how consumers are hydrating on-the-go today. As consumer water consumption and the use of refillable bottles continues to increase – particularly on campus and in the workplace – the test of Aquafina Water Station is an effort to learn more about consumer preferences and needs in these channels.  

Aquafina Water Station enables consumers to dispense customized water options, including flavors like peach or raspberry lime, sparkling or still water, into refillable personal containers. PepsiCo Foodservice is thrilled to collaborate with Penn State to give consumers access to the new equipment and to gather information that will enable it to ideally make the Aquafina Water Station accessible to more consumers in the future.  


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