Health Care Kiosks Create A Virtual Visit At Correctional Facility

Jan. 25, 2018

The Westville Correctional Facility in Indiana boasts a new convenience service for its employees with the concept of telemedicine in the form of a kiosk, according to the News Dispatch. The installation of the kiosk provides the 750 employees and their families with a less-expensive and time saving health care option.  

Consumers can step into the telemedicine kiosk, speak face-to-face with a physician about their symptoms, and the doctor can get real-time blood-pressure readings, take the patient's temperature, measure heart rate, and even write a prescription. For anything short of an emergency, employees can spend up to 30 minutes consulting with a doctor in the kiosk without using their sick time or leaving work. 

This is the second telehealth kiosk telehealth kiosk installed by Anthem in an Indiana state government building, followed by one at a facility northeast of Indianapolis. The kiosks are powered by telehealth provider LiveHealth Online.