Marc Rosset And Professional Vending Consultants Celebrate 25th Year

Jan. 4, 2018

The new year marks the 25th year of doing business for Professional Vending Consultants (PVC), Inc., founded by Marc Rosset. As of this milestone, PVC has represented over 300 separate transactions with gross revenues of over $850 Million Dollars. And its beginnings were unusual, but exciting. 

Serendipitous Beginning 

Marc Rosset was a commercial photographer for 22 years in Chicago when he helped a vendor friend purchase another company. After PVC’s representing the sale of two more operations, Eliot Maras, then editor of Automatic Merchandiser magazine called Marc and asked if he could do an interview profiling this commercial photographer who was selling vending operations in Chicago. 

Once the articles appeared nationally, Marc began hearing from Vending operators throughout the US that requested his help in selling their businesses. 

After he was sure he could legally represent these out of state clients, PVC’s business exploded as did Marc’s increased knowledge of the industry by speaking with more than 20 new contacts a month. 

He began writing articles about business valuation and the best ways to prepare your operation for a sale in the late 90’s and has written dozens of articles since then. He has also been declared a nationally recognized industry expert from a Chancellery court opinion in New Jersey based on his in-depth evaluation of an owner’s company, that was needed to establish value pertaining to a lawsuit filed by the owner’s deceased brother’s wife. He has since completed over 35 market Value Appraisals for companies needing such a service. Marc also received the prestigious recognition from Automatic Merchandiser magazine and as a top PROS TO KNOW for 2015. 

Marc only represents sellers who are willing to combine with a competitor and agree with Marc, based on a free evaluation, exactly what the operation is worth and the selling price they will seek. He believes these are the quickest and most rewarding acquisitions possible. He acts as an intermediary for both parties and will only sell to competitors who he can trust will keep all information confidential and have the cash or bank relationships to close deals quickly. 

Marc is much more then a broker. He helps control and advise on every aspect of the sale, including how the parties prepare for the transition of the assets and customers with a minimum of loss or headaches. In over 300 transactions he has represented, there has never been an arbitration or lawsuit connected to any of his deals. 

Marc can be reached at 312-654-8910 or by email at  [email protected]