Biz Start Go Creates An All In One Solution For Prospective Vending Entrepreneurs

Dec. 18, 2017

CORONA, Calif., Dec. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The-Venders announces it has inked a partnership with Biz Start Go, a consulting firm based around developing a client's product idea into a full-fledged business.  Biz Start Go provides 3 key services; entity formation, content creation, and digital establishment.   

Joseph Menichiello founder of Biz Start Go, stated "We provide a one-stop solution for individuals who are seeking an inexpensive and speedy start up." He added "If someone has an idea they consider valuable, that idea can be implemented into a real business for a fraction of the cost and in a short amount of time." 

Biz Start Go provides: 

  1. Entity Formation – Most people are overwhelmed with the intricacies of creating a LLC or S-Corporation.  Biz Start Go consults which entity works best for their goals.  Then they begin the process of filing for the formation of an entity in the client's state.  Corporate minutes are recorded along with officer consideration and share distribution.  A corporate kit is also provided to the client.  Lastly, ongoing accounting and book keeping can be supported for a small quarterly fee.   
  1. Media Creation – Biz Start Go, aggressively creates the richest and most informative media.  Most ideas can be transformed into professional commercial photo shoots for products and services.  The experts at Biz Start Go have access to professional photographers and videographers at a fraction of the cost "most people are spending anywhere from $7,000 to $20,000 on videos and photography, we can create the exact same content for a fraction of the cost", said Menichiello.   
  1. Digital Optimization – Website & Social Media presence is a must. Integrating the media produced by experts onto a client's website and social media pages is a common sense way of creating continuity for a client's total online presence. Biz Start Go will also tap into their rolodex to create focused and effective press releases.  Using the power of Google and creating data rich content keeps clients at the top of Google searches. 

Biz Start Go is accepting meetings at their offices in Huntington Beach, CA.  Anyone who has an idea or business plan and wants to get started should give Biz Start Go a call or visit their website at  The team will evaluate your idea and create a strategy to get vending sales moving in the quickest amount of time.  

About Joe Menichiello: Joseph brings a varied background including years of entrepreneurial experience.  At just 26 years old he became a VP at AVT Inc., a publicly traded company within the vending industry.  He introduced their 1st automated coffee kiosk into the market and took sales to over a million dollars in the first year. 

In the past several years, Joe has taken the lead on many successful projects that include Google and Intazza Coffee, he currently has a leadership role within the vending market with PowerDrop. All projects can be viewed on Biz Start Go's Portfolio page.