Company Pioneers Printing Techniques, Changes Digital Design Landscape

Dec. 7, 2017

CupPrint LLC, a global company founded in Ennis, Ireland, is improving digital design and printing tactics. The tech-based business has created unique processes that trim production and delivery time, improve online ordering, and remove typical purchasing restraints traditionally associated with the custom paper cup printing industry. These particular processes are projected to be patented.  

Terry Fox, CEO of CupPrint and Ernst & Young's 2014 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, and his original team of seven launched CupPrint to address a gap in the custom paper cup printing and manufacturing market, specifically the inefficiencies stemming from traditional large order requirements and slow turnaround time. By leaning on revolutionary printing technologies, CupPrint is making such inefficiencies a hurdle of the past.  

Fox's background in engineering led him to develop the unique processes that enable CupPrint's manufacturing operation to offer orders as low as 1,000 units and allows for an average turnaround time of 14 days. The inspiration came to Fox during the recent recession.  

"It was 2008, the market was changing, everything around us was closing," Fox recalled. "But despite the inevitable risk associated with an altered market, there is also opportunity to be seized and that’s exactly what we did."  

Additionally, CupPrint is a government-backed company and supported by venture capital firm Enterprise Ireland.  

"It is rewarding to address a consumer need, in this case, faster turnaround time and less restrictive minimum order requirements," Fox said. "I am looking forward to implementing additional innovations as part of the company's one-of-a-kind strategy that offers easy ordering for wholesalers and coffee shops alike who are looking to promote a brand with our custom printed cups."  

Much of the innovation behind the improvements pioneered by CupPrint’s printing technology is linked to the company’s ability to display the consumer’s artwork as a 3D conical shape so that the consumer can preview it on the cup prior to purchasing. The calculation connected to making this possible is challenging and is a formula that has never been recorded for mainstream use to date.  

The company has just added U.S. subsidiary CupPrint US to take advantage of opportunity abroad and expand its global presence. Currently, the U.S. plant manufactures an average of 100 orders per day and is housed in downtown South Bend’s refurbished Studebaker Plant. By bringing several jobs to the area, CupPrint has directly contributed to the city’s renaissance.  

Chris Stevens, a key innovator behind the Keurig coffee machine, is a member of CupPrint’s Board of Directors. He believes that CupPrint’s printing technology processes are altering the landscape of the printed paper cup design technology business.  

“CupPrint’s innovation in the paper cup printing technology space is unmatched in the industry,” Stevens said. “Our processes are cutting edge.”  


About CupPrint 

CupPrint is a leading custom paper cup printing and design technology company. Offering record-setting low order minimums in as little as 14 days delivery time, its capacity for uniquely designed and manufactured custom printed paper cups is unparalleled in the industry. The company has a manufacturing plant and corporate office presence in Europe and the United States.