Yelp Responds To Tullio Column

Aug. 14, 2017

Corey Danes, Associate Director, Business Outreach for Yelp reached out after my article was published on July 24th - "Losing Sleep  Over Yelp?" - and offered some feedback, specifically that solicited reviews are not recommended. When I responded that I have talked to Yelp customer service on more than one occasion and they made it clear that you can encourage a client to review your company on Yelp, but not pay or provide an incentive, he did not agree. Read his response below.  

CD: "This is incorrect guidance, and if you recall the employees you spoke with, I'd like to pass those names along to our accountability and compliance team: No employee at Yelp should suggest a business owner encourage customers to write reviews."

P>BT:  What advice would Yelp give Operators on getting reviews and having those reviews stick?

CD: "First and foremost, offer stellar customer experiences.  From there, we suggest leaving a trail of breadcrumbs; add Yelp buttons and badges to websites, customer newsletters and email signatures, and request a Find Us On Yelp sticker."

As an aside, the only problem I have with breadcrumbs is that the lunatic reviewers don't seem to need them - in fact, they would eat the breadcrumbs if given the chance.

BT:  Why would a review not be recommended from a client who has first hand experience with my company?

CD:  "There are a number of reasons why a review wouldn't be recommended and you can find an in-depth explanation in our support center, alongside a quick video that explains why we rely on automated software to protect consumers and business owners alike."

Good to know Corey - we'll all sleep better knowing that Yelp's automated software is working to protect us.

- Bob



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