Route Drivers Save Nearly An Hour A Day With RouteSight® For Glass

July 20, 2017

Elk Grove Village, IL: July 18th 2017 ‐ Wizzan Mobility LLC (Wizzan), a software development company specializing in assisted reality solutions for Glass, announced the results of their successful pilot of routeSight® with Mark Vend Company. Mark Vend is a vending route operator serving the Chicagoland area. routeSight® for Glass allows vending route drivers to perform data entry using their voice keeping their hands free to handle product.  

The routeSight® application, which runs on Glass Enterprise Edition, provides a route driver with a heads‐up display which allows the driver to view product information while they load machines.  All data entry such as inventory counts and spoils can be entered with voice commands so the driver does not have to interrupt their workflow. Since implementing routeSight®, Mark Vend has reduced the average driver day length by nearly an hour. In addition to making service visits faster, column level inventory accuracy has increased by 6% and the number of sellouts per service decreased by 23%.  

“Mark Vend sees great value in replacing our legacy handhelds with routeSight for Glass,” said Mark Stein, President of Mark Vend. “The natural evolution for route workers is to free their hands to get the job done.”  

About Wizzan Mobility LLC  

Founded in 2014, Wizzan creates assisted reality solutions for Glass that focus on improving business outcomes for the hands‐on workforce.  Field service, warehouse, assembly and other hands‐on workers benefit from our voice activated and hands‐free workflows that improve efficiency, reduce errors, promote standardized processes, facilitate better communication and increase safety.