Generation NEXT Franchise Brands Appoints D&K Engineering As Contract Manufacturer For Robotic Vending Development

June 8, 2017

San Diego-based manufacturer to begin production of robots developed exclusively by Lancer Corporation 

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 8, 2017) - Generation NEXT Franchise Brands (OTCQB: VEND) announced today that on May 16, 2017, it appointed San Diego-based D&K Engineering as their exclusive contract manufacturer for not only the recently launched Reis & Irvy's Froyo Robot but the future development of alternative robotic vending concepts and technologies. 

D&K Engineering is an international product design and contract manufacturing services company with a proven track record of turning innovative ideas into successful reality. Boasting over 600 successful product realization journeys with an emphasis on designing and manufacturing specialty smart machines and kiosks for clients like ecoATM-Gazelle, minuteKEY, and Vengo, D&K Engineering was a clear choice for Generation NEXT, whose revolutionary Reis & Irvy's Froyo Robot has launched a company-focused effort on developing new roads into robotic vending technology. D&K has also designed and manufactured a range of medical and life science products, printing and microfluidics, consumer and industrial and commercial on behalf of clients including BD, Illumina, Lexmark, Hewlett Packard, Callaway Golf, Panasonic, Microsoft, Procter and Gamble, and Halliburton. 

"The core identity of D&K is obsessed with overcoming challenging technical issues and delivering robust, lasting business solutions," said Nick Yates, Chairman of Generation NEXT Franchise Brands. "More importantly, they bring decades of experience developing self-serve retail kiosks and smart machines. That history, combined with the fact that D&K is right in our backyard of San Diego, means we can now invite our franchisees, investors, clients and prospective customers to visit our headquarters and our manufacturing partner all at the same time. It's a win-win." 

Under the new partnership agreement with Generation NEXT, D&K will provide engineering manufacturing services to commercialize the company's Froyo Robots and bring a unique set of advantages to future Generation NEXT concepts that include: 

  • Extensive expertise in user interface design and human factors, yielding devices that are intuitive as well as easier and safer to use. 
  • Emphasis on making devices that can be easily serviced and maintained, maximizing uptime and enabling predictive and rapid repair if issues occur. 
  • Deep understanding of transaction infrastructure, such as for handling cash or credit card with state of the art data security and encryption protocols. 
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance, especially for safety and accessibility. 
  • Comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) toolkit ready for leverage in any product setting. 
  • Remote connectivity, with data analytics, performance monitoring, plus diagnostics ensuring the user experience is optimized and minimizing the need for service calls as well as pre-empting early service calls to maximize uptime. 

D&K Engineering also boasts an international footprint with manufacturing facilities in San Diego as well as Singapore and Malaysia that offer a top-tier global supply chain, complementary alliances, and partners to assist Generation NEXT's recently launched International License and Distribution Program. "Having the ability to manufacture and ship equipment from Asia, as we begin entering into agreements with partners around the globe offers us a more cost-efficient approach to global expansion," said Yates. "We have plans to teach partners around the world how to replicate our model and support them across all levels of operations, sales, and marketing." 

Last year, Generation NEXT partnered with San Antonio-based developer Lancer Corp to begin the initial redevelopment and finalization of the Reis & Irvy's prototypes, with a focus on revamping and overhauling the robotic marvels to achieve the highest level of performance. 

For more information on the revolutionary Froyo Robots, visit the Reis & Irvy's website at To learn more about Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, please visit or call toll free 888-902-7558. 

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. No Reis & Irvy's franchises will be sold to any resident of any state until the offering has been exempted from the requirements of, or duly registered in and declared effective by, such state and the required FDD (if any) has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law. Currently, the following states in the United States regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you reside in one of these states, or even if you reside elsewhere, you may have certain rights under applicable franchise laws or regulations. 

Generation NEXT Franchise Brands 

Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, based in San Diego, California, is a publicly traded company on the OTC Markets trading under the symbol: VEND. Generation NEXT Franchise Brands is parent company to Fresh Healthy Vending LLC, the market's leading healthy-choice vending machine franchise, Reis and Irvy's, Inc., the world's first robotic frozen yogurt vending kiosk and 19 Degrees, a corporate-focused frozen yogurt kiosk brand. The Company hosts over 350 active franchisees throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, and continually looks to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who share its vision. 

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