The Konop Companies, Inc. Celebrates 70 Years

Nov. 11, 2016

Green Bay, Wis. – (November 11, 2016) – The Konop Companies, Inc., a Green Bay-based food and beverage provider, is celebrating 70 years of serving Northeast Wisconsin in November, 2016. Dave Konop, Tom Konop and sister Mary Borley are current 2nd generation members operating the business.  In the midst of this celebration, they are reflecting back on their journey to this milestone, while looking forward to new advancements that confirm their status as industry leaders. 

The Power of the Peanut 

The Konop Companies, Inc. had its beginning in 1946 with the purchase of a penny peanut machine route with 120 machines. Founder Louie Konop quickly realized the potential growth opportunity of the peanut machines. “The Power of the Peanut” prevailed and has come to fruition as the theme for their 70th Anniversary celebration. 

The company has certainly expanded from the peanut since its inception. 70 years later, The Konop Companies, Inc. offers a full line of services, which include catering, dining, vending, coffee, water as well as fresh micro-markets in Northeast Wisconsin. “Fresh” is their mantra. They take great pride in their complete kitchen and bakery where they prepare all products fresh in-house daily. 

Ahead of the Curve 

The owners at The Konop Companies, Inc. pride themselves on being on the forefront of technology while being innovative in all they do. They were the first to adapt a real-time data information system on their vending machines.  A more recent example of this ingenuity is their new Micro Market concept in break room refreshments.    

The upscale micro-market cafés provide fresh food, snacks and refreshing beverages in a self-serve kiosk that is placed in a company lunch room or break area. Employees can choose from a large variety of gourmet and healthy food options and refreshments. The Konop Companies, Inc. has an edge on the concept as well by offering an advanced consumer loyalty program. 

They have also shown their commitment to staying ahead of the game by empowering the consumer to be more health conscious. A common misconception of the industry is the limit of healthy options. The Konop Companies, Inc. has helped to eliminate this illusion by offering healthier varieties of traditional favorites. They have also engaged with a dietitian and nutritionist to ensure the highest quality nutritional standards in all they offer. 

“When we transitioned to healthier options in our vending machines, they were very accommodating and responsive to our wellness vision. The outstanding coffee, fantastic meal options and great vending choices always exceed our expectations,” said Laura McCarthy of The Boldt Company. 

The Key to their Success 

The Konop Companies, Inc. takes time to appreciate the efforts of its employees. They understand that achieving this landmark is directly related to the contributions of their employees. 

“Staying on the leading edge of technology is key to our success, so our employees need to be adaptive to change. They share our commitment to enhancing the customer experience,” Mary Borley said. 

Borley also thinks staying true to their roots plays a big role in their success. They hold close their core values of honesty, integrity hard work and fun. They also build customer loyalty through face-to-face relationships. 

“There are not many family-run companies like ours in this industry anymore. It has become so competitive, and national companies have been buying up family run businesses like ours. Being part of a family business, we feel a sense of responsibility to all of our employees and their families,” Tom Konop said. 

“The importance of longevity and family traditions is often overlooked in business. There is a lot to be said for companies such as Konop that have survived decades of change - they must be doing something right! The fact that people matter is reflected in how they treat their customers,” said Kristina Spang of Pierce Manufacturing Inc. 

Giving Back 

In addition to serving the community through their traditional services, The Konop Companies, Inc. takes it a step further through the numerous community organizations they give back to throughout Northeastern Wisconsin. 

“My father always said, the community has been good to us so we need to give back to the community,” Dave Konop said. “Community involvement has always been important to our family.”      

About The Konop Companies, Inc. 

The Konop Companies, Inc., located in Green Bay, Wis., was established in 1946 by Louie Konop. Today this family-owned, locally operated organization has 165 employees and has become one of the largest independently owned vending, food and beverage service companies in Wisconsin, operating three interrelated divisions from its Green Bay headquarters: Konop Vending Machines, Konop Food & Catering and Konop Beverages. Learn more at