U-Select-It Announces The Introduction Of The Evoke Series, Its Next Generation Vending Machine

April 7, 2016

DES MOINES, IOWA – April 7, 2016 – U-Select-It, Inc. (USI), a leading global vending machine equipment manufacturer, today announced the launch of its next generation vending machine, the Evoke series.  USI will unveil the Evoke series at the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) OneShow 2016. The three-day event will be held April 13 - 15 at the Lakeside Center McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.  Presented by the NAMA, OneShow 2016 brings together vending machine manufacturers, manufacturers of vendible, coffee-related / foodservice products, micro markets, and suppliers of goods and services that aid vending, coffee service and foodservice and micro market operators in running their businesses.

Utilizing a foundation of reliability and quality that USI is known for, the Evoke series revitalizes vending by attracting and engaging consumers through innovative, user-friendly retail tools that drive sales for operators. Through its new touchscreen interface the Evoke series encourages consumer interaction and provides a media delivery experience by enhancing the digital shopping cart experience with the ability to purchase more than one product with one transaction and view nutrition facts, vibrant advertisements, and eye-catching promotions.  

The Evoke series offers more expansive product showcasing and merchandising flexibility as well as sophisticated, exterior stylings that are cohesive with modern workplace decor.  A 2015 Knowledge Base Study found that average vending transaction values increase by over 30% when consumers make cashless purchases compared to cash purchases.  With a goal of helping vendor operators increase revenue, the Evoke series embraces emerging trends in payment systems by offering expanded capabilities for credit/debit and mobile payment platforms. 

USI is also debuting Greenlite®’s new remote pricing feature at NAMA OneShow 2016.  Greenlite, powered by Cantaloupe Systems, is USI’s cloud-based cashless acceptance, remote monitoring and management solution.  Remote pricing allows operators to update machine price selections from any web-based device through the Greenlite platform.  This feature provides the flexibility to update pricing as part of a promotional campaign, to move close-out items, or to react to market conditions in real time.   

Remote pricing is a powerful tool to increase operator productivity and reduce windshield time.  It eliminates the costs associated with special trips to the machine as well as the opportunity cost of waiting to change pricing until the next scheduled fill visit.  Remote pricing compliments Greenlite’s existing suite of comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities including sales tracking, machine health monitoring, pre-picking and planogramming.

“The Evoke series maximizes vendor operator productivity and efficiencies through its flexible, open software platform and plug-and-play feature which ultimately drives revenue increasing bottom-line performance,” said James Chico, Vice President, Global Sales, USI. “The positive response to the Evoke series has been exciting.  The Evoke series provides a next generation vending machine that will be relevant for many years and be able to compete with other evolving retail platforms.”

"OneShow 2016 provides us with an exceptional platform to introduce the Evoke series and Greenlite’s remote pricing to the marketplace,” said Chico.  “Our mission is to provide customers with the best possible user experience through the most reliable and technologically advanced vending solutions.  Here, at USI, we have a passion for providing vending operators with tools they need to succeed through innovative, quality vending solutions and we believe the Evoke series will do just that."

In addition to introducing the its new Evoke series and Greenlite’s remote pricing at OneShow 2016, USI will showcase the class leading Alpine 5000 Elevator Soft Delivery Refrigerated Food Vendor as well as its other full line of snack, food and beverage merchandisers. USI’s new exhibit at OneShow 2016 will be located at the front of the exhibition hall (Booth #500). 


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