Center For Science In The Public Interest Sues General Mills, Citing Misleading Labeling And False Advertising

Nov. 12, 2015

The Center For Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and private law firms filed a class action lawsuit alleging that General Mills falsely markets Cheerios Protein as a high-protein alternative to Cheerios, although the product has “just a smidgen more protein than original Cheerios,” according to a release.

The nonprofit wrote: “Cheerios Protein boasts on the front of its box that it has 11 grams of protein; four of those grams come from the milk, leaving seven grams from the cereal. Original Cheerios has three grams of protein. That four gram difference represents a small amount of protein— just five percent of the average American’s intake. But much of that difference is attributable to differences in serving sizes.”

The nonprofit also alleges that General Mills is marketing its Cheerios Protein as a healthy alternative to regular Cheerios when “Cheerios Protein contains 17 times as much sugar as original Cheerios.”

The lawsuit was filed in United States District Court for the Northern District of California.