Bike Fixtation Debuts High Security Wall Mounted Vending Machine

Nov. 18, 2015

Minneapolis, MN-November 9, 2015 --  High security vending machines that vend bicycle parts are one of the innovative products that put Bike Fixtation on the map 5 years ago. The company is now excited to announce the release of their newest vending product, the High Security Wall Mounted Vending Machine. Designed and manufactured by hand at Bike Fixtation headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this vending machine is designed for outdoor public use. The machine is available in two standard vending configurations: inner tube only or tubes + parts and accessories, both of which are accompanied by a tested product plan-o-gram showing where within the machine each item should be placed. However, if a custom plan-o-gram is what you want, the innovative modular tray and coil delivery system allows a great deal of product vending customization.

A secure, modular product display window makes product samples viewable by users. The machine can be configured to accept credit cards, bills, and coins and configurable to accept currency from around the world. Using a credit card reader in the machine is the most secure option and provides remote sales and inventory monitoring. An internal vend sensor guarantees product delivery, or provides a refund. Security is a primary feature of this machine and makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. A draw bar lock system, heavy gauge steel body, and shatter resistant product display window that is backed by a steel enclosure makes forced entry extremely difficult. Available in two power options (line powered or battery powered), the machine can be installed virtually anywhere; alongside a busy urban bike path, secure bike parking room or rural trailhead. The machine is available in 10 different colors, comes with a 2 year warranty and is ADA and CE compliant.

MSRP is $3,175 for both power options and payment modules are sold a la carte. Lead time on orders is 3-4 weeks. For more information or to get a quote, please contact Bike Fixtation at 612 568 3494 or via email [email protected]