Avanti Markets Announces Operator Meeting December 2015

Oct. 21, 2015

Avanti Markets is excited to announce that its fourth annual Operator Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 1st through Thursday, December 3rd in San Antonio, TX.  The Avanti Family of Operators grows extensively each year, which is why Avanti anticipates that they will have record numbers of 230+ attendees at this year’s annual meeting. This year Avanti has developed strategic education sessions, to focus on key areas of their operator’s micro market business and personnel responsibilities.  These areas of focus include:

  • # of Markets Deployed and preparing for the stages of growth associated to each deployment segment.  1 – 10 markets, 11 – 25 markets and 26+ markets.
  • Role Type and managing responsibilities to ensure operational efficiency from all aspects of the business and ultimately increase company growth and ROI.  Roles include: sales, marketing and promotions specialist; market managers and supervisors; and CEO’s/owners.

In addition to operator education sessions, Avanti is leveraging this opportunity to provide an in-depth education session for the suppliers participating in the event.  This will give suppliers an opportunity to gain knowledge of micro markets today, future implications/improvements and ways to maximize functionalities of the kiosks to create product lift and sales lift for the operator.

Avanti anticipates that with a network of over 300 licensed operators across the country they will see record attendance!

“We have listened to our Operators suggestions and needs, by providing tailored, relevant, and useful knowledge they can use to increase operational efficiencies and grow their business. It’s important to network and learn from each other, I believe these meetings offer a setting that brings together a large amount of operators to collaborate, share best practices and walk away with a diverse set of tools to apply to their business for vending, food service and markets, ” said Jim Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets.

For more information about the Operator Meeting please contact Elyssa Allahyar at [email protected] or 888.937.2826 x703.  

Founded in 2009, Avanti Markets is the leader in the Micro Market industry.  Avanti’s platform provides operators with a leading-edge micro market transaction system that leverages real time data to help support operational efficiencies.  Avanti’s back end software integrates promotions and inventory management tools to control the flow of goods, pre-kitting systems that will drive operational efficiencies for route drivers, and data warehousing infrastructure to help operators understand their micro market business. The Avanti advantage creates a micro market experience that lets the consumers determine how they interact and the operator increase revenues through every transaction. Visit Avanti Markets on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or www.AvantiMarkets.com.