Fresh Healthy Vending Reports September Franchise Sales And Location Procurement Results

Oct. 6, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 6, 2015) - Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. finished the first quarter of fiscal 2016 with a total of 193 new franchised machines representing $1,934,750 in future anticipated revenue when installed and a total of 376 new franchisee locations due for installation in the coming months.

"Recent restructuring has allowed the company to find a way to secure more qualified franchisee locations then ever before, which results in us finding ways to recognize deferred revenue in a more timely manner," says Fresh Healthy Vending's Chairman Nick Yates. "This current quarter saw the most locations secured in the company's history, which follows Q4, fiscal 2015 that saw the most franchised units in our history. All in all, I am confident in the company's ability to deliver on all fronts moving forward."

"There are so many ways to invest today," says new franchisee Rick Haughey of Marietta, GA. "I chose Fresh Healthy Vending because not only do I have the opportunity to make a great profit, but I'll be able to give back to my community in a way that will make me feel proud of what I do."

Some noteworthy locations secured in September and taking the initiative to offer healthy snacks, drinks and fresh foods include the Apple Store in Seattle, WA; the Chicago Sports Complex in Chicago, IL; Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, OK; Dover Air Force Base in Pennsylvania; and the Boys & Girls Club of Nanakuli, Hawaii.

"If it wasn't for Fresh Healthy Vending's expert Locations team," says franchisee Barry Cunningham of Oklahoma, "I wouldn't have been able to get up and running so quickly. Fresh secured 17 locations for my franchise in just 6 weeks! Naturally, being able to realize sales from my machines immediately was one of the main reasons I chose to invest in Fresh."

Fresh Healthy Vending hopes to capitalize on the first quarter's results with an even stronger second quarter of fiscal 2016.

For more information on Fresh Healthy Vending, the franchise program, or to receive a free healthy vending machine in your school or business, visit or call toll free 888-902-7558.

About Fresh Healthy Vending

Fresh Healthy Vending, based in San Diego, California, is North America's leading healthy vending franchisor. Fresh Healthy Vending pioneered the concept of vending machines stocked with tried-and-tested fresh, healthy snack options and capitalizes on a growing market of health conscious consumers. The Company has over 230 active franchisees throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, and continually looks to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who share its vision.

The Company has booked over 3,000 machines for placement in schools, universities, hospitals, community centers, military bases, airports, fitness facilities, YMCAs, libraries and many other locations.

Fresh Healthy Vending's stock is traded on the OTC Markets, Symbol: VEND.


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