Study: More Than Half Of Consumers Eat For 15 Hours Or Longer Each Day

Oct. 5, 2015

The majority of consumers eat over a 15-hour span each day, according to a new study published in Cell Metabolism. The study found that less than a quarter of the day’s calories were consumed before noon and more than a third were consumed after 6 p.m. 

For three weeks, the study’s 150 participants took photos of all of the food, drink and supplements they consumed and uploaded it into a mobile app created for the study, according to Beverage Daily. After three weeks the researchers found that food intake was erratic and on a continuous basis.

In addition, the data revealed cultural food practices, such as Americans’ consumption of coffee and milk in the morning, alcohol in the evening, and tea throughout the day. In addition, yogurt was a morning food, sandwiches and burgers were primarily reserved for lunchtime, while vegetables and ice cream were saved for the evening.