Jofemar Vending Goes After Safety & Occupational Vending Industry

Oct. 5, 2015

Jofemar Vending has announced its intention to exhibit at a German safety and occupational health trade show and launch a new vending solution for work wear. At the show, Jofemar will showcase the Vision E-S Plus and a Vision SnackPlus together with a control POS, specifically prepared for automated dispensing of large material and all kind of personal protective equipment in the personal protective equipment (PPE) area. The new ‘textile collection mailbox’ developed by the brand, which will be also connected to Compendia, will be displayed next to a Vision SnackPlus for work clothes distribution, so that attendees can check the real performance of the system. Complementary to PPE dispensing machines and with the same dimensions as a Vision model, this new development has a RFID card reader, a barcode reader and hooks on the inside to hold the bag in which the clothes are stored. It is also fitted to be vinylated. 


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