N&W Global Vending To Introduce 5,000 Smart Vending Machines In The U.S. Next Year

Aug. 19, 2015

N &W Global Vending will introduce 5,000 smart vending machines across the U.S. in 2016, powered by Intel technology, SlashGear reports. Intel demonstrated the smart vending machine at the 2015 Intel Developer Forum taking place in San Francisco, CA, this week.

Internal cameras in the vending machine can detect demographic details about the machine’s user such as gender and age, which is then distributed to the vending machine’s operator to let them know who is visiting their machine and what they are buying.

Using RealSense cameras, the vending machine can track hand movement in front of the machine, meaning an entire transaction can be completed without the user making contact with the vending machine itself.

Last May N&W Global Vending was at the Intel booth at the VendItalia 2015 International Vending Exhibition in Milan May 3 to 6 with a preview of the first prototype of a vending machine based on the latest Intel technologies.