American Green Implements Major Changes To ZaZZZ Network Designed To Increase Machine Usage

Aug. 7, 2015

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwired - Aug 7, 2015) -  The dispensary rollout that American Green implemented last year has not achieved a sustainable level of sales. In response, the company has substantially altered its machine's design and marketing plan intended to bolster revenues for both the company's deployed and future machines in the shortest possible time.

The time spent as one of America's only companies in the cannabis vending sector has been invaluable. Historically, companies deploying vending machines assumed the responsibilities of stocking, collection, and maintenance of those units. Due to regulation in the cannabis sector, these responsibilities defaulted to the dispensary owners. Despite the company's best support efforts, a busy dispensary cannot devote the manpower required to configure and maintain the ZaZZZ unit on an ongoing basis.

As a result of the new model a significant reduction in monthly overhead has been achieved. Internal resources are no longer required to maintain inventory levels and network connectivity at all machine locations. As with the traditional vending model, American Green affiliate employees, not dispensaries, will stock machines with high quality American Green-branded products available only when purchased from the ZaZZZ machine.

In related news, while the company recognizes the importance of maintaining an online presence with social media, we are convinced, at this time, that it is not a significant revenue-generating factor. In furthering our efforts to consolidate operations and reduce monthly overhead, all corporate communications will be now be handled internally by American Green's Media Director.

"Navigating the entire cannabis sector has been extremely challenging due to the amount of uncertainty that remains until the federal government makes the decision to support the industry and regulatory issues are better understood. While this sorts itself out, challenges will be inevitable and when they happen it becomes necessary, from time to time, to take a couple steps back to find the best route forward. The question isn't whether or not there will be challenges; it's whether or not we can meet those challenges and remain a market leader a year or two from now. That's a bet I believe we can make and win," stated Steph Shearin, American Green's president.