Maryland's Howard County Council Overturns Healthy Vending Veto

Aug. 4, 2015

Four of five Howard County Council members voted last week to overturn County Executive Allan Kittleman’s veto of a bill that would require nutritional guidelines for items sold in county vending machines, The Baltimore Sun reports.

In July Kittleman vetoed Council Bill 17-2015, saying that government should not regulate what a person should and should not eat. "I trust residents and employees of Howard County to make their own decisions about what they, and their children, should eat and drink," he wrote in blog. "I do not believe local government should mandate how we address personal health issues or prohibit businesses from providing products their customers want and can legally purchase elsewhere."

With the overturn, the source says the legislation now requires 75 percent of the food and drink offerings in county vending machines to meet a set of caloric, fat and sugar guidelines.