Local Chefs Prepare Vending Machine Meals In Florida

July 31, 2015

Several Florida chefs are cooking up inventive meals for kids in schools. Orange County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services brought in local chefs from Walt Disney World, K Restaurants and LongHorn Steakhouse to create school meal combinations for three new refrigerated vending machines that are currently piloted at one local high school, reports Orlando Sentinel.

The current project spawned from the local non-profit organization Feed More Kids that works to help feed more kids in schools. The organization has begun partnering with school districts to add refrigerated vending machines in cafeterias, the source reports, in order to expand meals to kids who otherwise would not eat during the lunch day. Laura Phillips Bennett, the president of Bennett & Company, and media contact for Feed More Kids, told the source that if kids find the vending machine meals exciting, it could make the vending machine program more successful.

The goal, the source reports, is to expand this program and make it available to students in junior high and high schools across Florida.