U-Vend, Inc. Launches Strategic Expansion Of Self-Serve Kiosks Into Las Vegas Marketplace

June 30, 2015
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SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 30, 2015) - U-Vend, Inc., a consumer products and technology company that develops, distributes and markets next-generation self-serve electronic kiosks in a variety of retail environments across North America, is pleased to announce that it has begun the strategic placement of its Mini-Melts, self-serve kiosks into the Las Vegas region.

The planned expansion of the Company's kiosks commences with the initial placement of machines located within targeted outlets of one of the world's largest retail chain stores. In addition to high-traffic big box stores, U-Vend will also be placing its kiosks in family entertainment centers, casinos, golf courses and water parks, to name a few, throughout the Las Vegas region.

"We are eager to begin our expansion into the Las Vegas market. Our intention is to replicate the strategic growth model that is proving to be very successful thus far in Southern California," stated Raymond Meyers, U-Vend, Inc.'s CEO. "Furthermore, with our new NHL-themed ice cream product, it should come as no surprise that we are rooting for this great city to be awarded an NHL franchise," said Meyers.

"Our entrance into Las Vegas is fueled by several significant factors, including its geographic location to our Southern California market, the compelling number of potential locations for our kiosks, and the sheer number of consumers that pass through this region on a weekly, monthly and annual basis," added Meyers.

The population of the Las Vegas metropolitan area is over 2.0 million, living in area just under 140 square miles. The city of Vegas is visited by an estimated 41 million consumers a year, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

U-Vend, Inc., located in Santa Monica, CA, is a consumer products and automated retailing company specializing in the creation, marketing and sales of unique ice cream and related food products which are distributed to the retail markets utilizing various "next-generation" self-serve electronic kiosks throughout North America. The Company owns and operates kiosks and has partnered with numerous national consumer product companies to deliver new and innovative customer retail experiences in automated "frictionless" settings. For more information on U-Vend, visit www.u-vend.com or call (855) 55-UVEND.


U Vend Logo 11296076

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