Crime Stoppers Seeks Public’s Help Identifying Vending Vandal

June 23, 2015

Crime Stoppers wants to identify a woman who twice attempted to burglarize a vending machine in Lufkin, TX.  She ultimately destroyed the machine, Crime Stoppers reports.

May 18 and June 11 cameras captured video of a woman trying to beat, pry, and shake her way into a snack machine.  In May, she used a stick in an effort to turn two cameras and hide her actions.  One camera turned after it broke from its mount but the other continued to record everything she did.  She then used the stick in a futile struggle against the machine’s lock and door, breaking the stick in the process.  She left that day empty-handed but returned in June.

Having gained a little experience from the mistakes of her first attempt she switched tactics, choosing to overturn the machine.  Although she destroyed the vending machine, she failed to think through her plan and ended up with the machine glass-side down.

The suspect is a black female who, at the time of May incident, wore a purple, short-sleeve, collared shirt, culottes-style shorts, and black tennis shoes.  She wore a grey, sleeveless shirt, white plaid-pattern pants, and black shoes when she returned in June.  Videos of both incidents show her wearing what looks like a large-face wristwatch.