Scott Meskin, Black Tie Services, Featured In Healthy Vending Article

June 5, 2015

The Baltimore Sun recently published an article highlighting the debate about whether “healthy items” should be required in vending machines or the free market should decide on the selections. The article included comments from industry veteran Scott Meskin, owner of Black Tie Services in Baltimore, MD, and NAMA member. Meskin is pictured with one of his machines that includes “healthy items.” It contains items such as vegetable smoothies and hummus. Meskin explained that this type of machine has products that cost more and are perishable – it meets the needs of only a small percentage of vending consumers. His business is about providing what the majority of consumers want, whether that is a granola bar or a candy bar. Still, he works with locations to meet their preferences, such as in hospitals that require selections that meet nutritional criteria.