Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Scramble To Meet Consumer Demand For Simple Ingredients

May 22, 2015

Large packaged goods companies are looking to remake themselves as consumers are changing the way they shop and eat, reports Fortune magazine in Special report: The war on big food. Consumers want simple ingredients that they can pronounce and picture. They are opting for smaller brands, those that seem to be able to offer this fresher, less processed food experience. It’s a major concern for CPG companies who see the signs and are trying to find a way to evolve to what one executive calls the “unreason consumer” who wants convenience, unprocessed ingredients and value. Big food companies are buying small, start-up brands with a strong following in the natural and organic marketplace. Many are adjusting long-term recipes to consist of “simple” ingredients – a challenge when these brands also don’t want to change the taste profile. Even among candy and chocolate, consumers want indulgence with the best possible ingredients for their health.